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Wedding Flower Trends for 2024 | Luxury Wedding Flowers

Because our couples book us between 6-12 months before their wedding date we are almost entirely booked for 2024 and it is only March! That gives us some advanced knowledge on what will be trending in 2024 because we’ve already made the proposals. If you are curious about how our proposal process works, check out our Services page! Here are the wedding flower trends our couples are loving:

Wispy Airy Florals

 No more hydrangea clumps or super heavy floral centerpieces. Our couples are loving all the airiness and expression that comes from wispy flowers like cosmos, agrostemma, sweet peas, larkspur, nigella, queen anne’s lace, and phlox to name a few.

Minimal Greenery

Don’t tell anyone but I am not the biggest fan of eucalyptus and the chokehold eucalyptus has had on wedding flowers has been tough for me… emotionally, spiritually, financially. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but we are seeing greenery being used in a more intentional way instead of wrongly believed to be a cheaper option. Especially when it comes to bridal bouquets, gone are the days of the eucalyptus collar around the outside of a stunning bouquet, our couples are more drawn to expressive bouquets full of flowers with greenery used as an accent to give shape and line instead of filling every empty space.

Non Floral Elements

 Our couples aren’t just looking for a few roses in a mason jar, they want expansive tablescapes that incorporate flowers, greenery, and non floral elements like candles, ribbon, fruit, vegetables, ceramics, and vases. We are loving how creative our couples are pushing us to be to find new and bespoke items for them. We have a wedding in May where we are using Oaxacan floral candles that are my new all time obsession and another in November where we are creating dramatic red ribbon bows to hang off of gold candelabras for a total maximalist look.

Petite Bridesmaid Bouquets

Our couples are also spending their flower budget more intentionally by choosing to invest in high impact moments and lay off on everything else. We are seeing bridesmaid bouquets downsize to delicate poesies that are still beautiful but don’t eat up as much of your budget. If you have a massive bridal party of 5 or more girls this is a great option plus you are the real star of the show not the bridesmaids.

2024 couples, what are you hoping to incorporate into your wedding florals? Do you like these wedding flower trends or do you want something totally different? No matter what we are here for your creative journey! Drop us an inquiry if you want to work with us in 2024 or 2025. 

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