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Working with Gossamer | Full Service Wedding Floral Design

There are tons of different types of florists around Charlottesville, VA. Some run a brick & mortar shop providing everyday flowers, gifts, and event flowers while others work out of a private studio and focus only on weddings. We even have some incredible farmer florists who only use flowers they grow themselves for micro weddings and elopements. Figuring out what type of florist is right for your wedding can be tricky and I can’t speak to everyone’s process so I’m just going to speak to mine. Working with Gossamer Floral Design is all about client experience. We want to create the most user friendly, stress free planning experience while providing immersive, luxury, gorgeous floral designs for your wedding.

Let’s start with the inquiry and consultation process. This process can drag on for weeks if you aren’t careful and during that time, couples feel unsure about their budget, their choices, and what they can do in the meantime. Tons of our couples try to knock out a big chunk of wedding planning over a weekend only to wait weeks for all the vendors they contacted to respond to their inquiries. That loss of momentum creates a ripple effect and makes y’all feel frustrated and overwhelmed by the planning process. At Gossamer Floral Design, we refuse to be part of that problem. We respond to emails daily and provide full proposals within at most a week of your consultation call but often as soon as the next day. And I’m not just talking rough estimates and general specifics as Michael Scott would say. I’m talking proposals with images, color palettes, flower selection, rental choices, and pricing.

Fast forward to your event day and we are on top of it. You don’t need to prompt us to do anything, we will reach out to your planner, venue, and any cooperating vendors to make sure our execution is perfection. We will be on site early and come back late to break down. We make sure to anticipate what your photographer needs when so their shooting timeline doesn’t get slowed down because of a missing bouquet or a boutonniere that needs to pinned on. And when it comes to repurposing from ceremony to reception, we stick around. You don’t have to ask about paying for additional hours of coverage so we can move your aisle meadows or light the candelabras in reception, it is all included. Your planner shouldn’t get stuck lugging a massive pedestal arrangement through your cocktail hour, that is our job. We don’t leave until y’all are happily eating your reception meal and we have gotten the all clear from your planner.

Another aspect to working with Gossamer Floral Design is sustainability. We have cultivated relationships with tons of local growers to get you the most unique, high quality blooms that aren’t available to most florists and have looked at every aspect of wedding floristry through the lens of environmental conservation to lessen the impact your wedding has on the Earth. We reduce our impact through local sourcing of as many blooms as possible, we reuse our mechanics so nothing ends up in the landfill, and we recycle aka compost all the natural waste that is created at the end of the night. Hell, we even took home the food waste from one of our weddings last summer and fed it to our pigs!

There are so many ways that Gossamer Floral Design is different from other florists. We have been intentional about building our business in a way that feels honest and genuine because we believe in what we do. To us this job isn’t just about creating beautiful flower arrangements. It is about capturing what makes your relationship special and crafting an event that your guests have never experienced before. If that sounds like something you are interested in and you want to work with Gossamer Floral Design, check out our services page for more information

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