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The Perfect Dover Hall Wedding | Virginia Florist

Couples with a massive guest list? Dover Hall is the venue for you. This huge Tudor style mansion has the capacity to host weddings of up to 400 people, all while being one of the most beautiful spots to get married in Virginia. If you are a bit extra, a bit maximalist, or love that Old World European style you will love the house and grounds at Dover Hall. Here are my tips for planning your perfect Dover Hall wedding.

Book a long photography package

 Dover Hall has the most gorgeous getting ready rooms for both brides and grooms. The Queen Elizabeth Suite and the Billiards Rooms are visually stunning rooms perfect for those getting ready photos we all love. So book your photographer for the extra long package so they have time to capture those sweet moments as you are getting ready with your best friends.

Have a reflection pool ceremony

There are tons of options when it comes to ceremony locations at Dover Hall but if you are feeling high fashion, the reflection pool is such a cool spot. You walk out across the pool water while your guests sit runway style on either side. Nobody will feel like they are stuck sitting in the back with all of your rows facing into the action.

Host cocktail hour out front

 Take advantage of all the grounds and rooms at Dover Hall by hosting your cocktail hour out front. Your guests can wind their way up the spiral staircase and explore through the first floor library, dining room, and parlor to reach the front of the mansion. Here you have a great view of the architecture and the grapevines that surround the venue.

Ballroom dance party

If you are hosting a wedding with a super large guest list, the fact that you can have your reception dinner in the Glass Hall and then party the night away in the ballroom is so helpful. Even with a lot of guests, you won’t be dealing with tables and chairs all crammed together since your dance floor and band can be set up in the ballroom. You can cut the lights, turn on a disco ball and really party!

Hanging installation in the Glass Hall

With the recent addition of the Glass Hall, Dover Hall has become the preeminent venue for large weddings. This huge space is gorgeous with 360 views but it is massive. With those tall ceilings, we always recommend having hanging floral installations above to fill all that space. You can get really creative here with lots of color or tons of greenery hanging down creating a great ambience for your reception dinner.

Grand entrance down the stairs

How many venues give you the chance to do a full Gone With The Wind grand entrance down the staircase? Be sure to set time into your timeline for an announced entrance of the newlyweds as you float down the stairs.

Genuinely, Dover Hall is one of the most fun venues we get to work at. Their staff is incredible and will ensure you have the wedding you are dreaming of, their culinary team is so talented, and the setting is to die for. You can be super creative with your design and decor in this unique venue and we are here to help bring it to life! Reach out if you need more expert advice on planning your Dover Hall wedding. 

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