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Bridesmaid Bouquet Trends | Virginia Floral Designer

We are loving how creative our couples are getting with styling their bridesmaids. From the dresses and accessories to the flowers, there is a lot more thought and intention going into the wedding party. Gone are the days when every girl had to squeeze into the same ugly dress. Instead, each person’s style, comfort level, and personality are being considered so they can have a fun, feel good experience. These are the people who mean the most to you so of course we want them to feel their best on your wedding day. This even lends itself to styling the bridesmaid bouquet. Instead of just having each girl carry a sized down version of the bridal bouquet, our couples are leaning into personalization. Check out these 5 trends in bridesmaid bouquets:

All Rose Modern Elegance

This modern approach uses a single variety of roses en masse without any greenery or filler flowers. Our suggestion is to use varieties of roses that take well to reflexing, where the petals are flipped open, for maximum visual impact. This contemporary bouquet focuses on the elegance of simplicity, highlighting roses, a timeless wedding flower.

Mismatched Personalized Bouquets

 Mirroring trends in bridesmaid fashion, mismatched personalized bouquets have each girl carrying petite bouquets of one variety of flower. All together you get an eclectic look as each bouquet becomes a distinctive expression of the bridesmaid’s individuality. You can use a consistent color palette so this look still stays complementary to your overall wedding aesthetic.

Textural Greenery Bouquets

For couples that love the outdoors, we love incorporating fabulous, textural, layered greenery bouquets for a totally new look. There are such cool and funky varieties of ferns and eucalyptus that marry together for an organic look perfect for our laid back, outdoorsy couples.

Luxurious Cascading Orchids

Some flowers like phalaenopsis orchids are too pricey to use throughout a wedding so it is all about using them strategically to make the most impact. I love cascades of 2 or 3 phalaenopsis orchids for each bridesmaid for a black tie wedding with tons of opulence and drama.

Rattan Purse Flowers

I was hesitant at first when I saw these rattan floral purses popping up on social media but I am a total convert. These are especially darling for older flower girls who might feel a little silly tossing petals but still want to be a part of your wedding. The rattan purse pairs perfectly with airy, whimsical flowers that seem to grow and spill out of the bag. It reminds me of the super chic women in Paris who tuck a bouquet of fresh flowers in their bag as they bike home from the farmers market, aka who I aspire to be.

Which of these bridesmaid bouquet trends would your girls love to carry while they cheer you on as you marry the love of your life? Let’s embrace celebrating everyone’s individuality even when it comes to their bridesmaid experience! Check out our portfolio for real weddings and peep how we styled their bridesmaids bouquets. 

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